Cannes 2013

‘Nonstop Partying, Nothing But Rosé, Out Until 4 in the Morning…’

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 John Tejada

‘What We Do Here Can’t Be Done Anywhere Else’

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Michael Roth

‘I Like Very Much the Fierce Battle for Winning an Award’

Cannes 2013 60x60@60 Maurice Lévy

‘Cannes Is a Brand’ Says the Town’s Mayor and Ex-Mad Man Bernard Brochand

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Mayor Bernard Brochand

‘Yes, It’s a lot of Work but the Work Is the Fun.’

Cannes 2013 60x60@60 Tham Khai Meng

‘We Heard It Was a Big Party. We Wanted to Get in on the Action’

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Matt Biespiel

‘I’ve Never Been In Front of a Bigger, Louder Audience’

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Jim Cooper

‘We Spoke to Each Other and Said: This Has to Be Conquered’

Cannes 60x60@60 Sonal Dabral

‘I’ve Had the Cannes Experience, as a Suit’

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Alain Groenendaal

‘I Wasn’t Looking Forward To it At All’

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Isabelle Gauvry