McDonald’s Poses the Existential Question: Is a Big Mac With Bacon Still a Big Mac?

If you're the type of guy who drives your friends nuts by compulsively obsessing over minor details at lunch, then McDonald's has a deep existential dilemma for you.  In Canada, the fast-food chain is temporarily adding the Big Mac Bacon—a Big Mac, with bacon on it—to its menu, the first change to the sandwich in that country in 50 years. An ad from Cosette puts the new product to the pedant test, which by its very nature requires that anything that can be argued, must be argued. 

Canada’s Prime Minister Just Took Part in Snapchat’s First Q&A Live Story With a Politician

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took to Snapchat today to answer questions in a Live Story, a collection of user-generated photos and videos gathered at events.

The Salvation Army’s Clever Facebook 360 Photos Show Poverty Lurking Just Out of View

Grey's holiday appeal for the Salvation Army in Canada makes impressive use of Facebook 360 photos to give users a more rounded view of poverty.  At first glance, posts resemble typical yuletide fare, with smiling parents and kids wishing their families and friends a Merry Christmas, complete with festive trees and colorful lights in the background. 

Cossette Came Up With a ‘Super-ad’ That Can Work for Literally Any Product or Service

Why waste your time developing different creative ideas and executions for every client when a one-size-fits-all approach could work just as well? That's the pitch from Canadian agency Cossette in the amusing video below, which introduces the idea of "superads," which can work for almost anything you'd like to advertise. And the flexibility and range of the example they give is truly impressive.

Ad of the Day: This Powerful Campaign Has Answers for Parents Googling ‘Down Syndrome’

A powerful new Canadian ad campaign presents the most commonly Googled questions about Down syndrome—and has people living with Down syndrome answer them in a collection of some 40 videos.

The World Wildlife Fund Made These Creepy Halloween Masks of Environmental Horrors

On Halloween, our greatest fears become playthings, cheeky options for dress-up and candy. But who's seriously afraid of vampires, zombies and werewolves anymore?  Our fears have changed. And the World Wildlife Fund of Canada thinks costumes should, too. With help from Sid Lee Toronto and the Sid Lee Collective, it's getting into the holiday spirit with a line of masks that depict—wait for it!—blood-curdling environmental issues. 

Ad of the Day: Sick Kids Are the Ultimate Fighters in Brilliant Hospital Ads by Cossette

A boy suffering from kidney failure isn't weak. He's a gladiator about to step into the ring for battle.  So says a gorgeous, jaw-dropping new campaign from SickKids Hospital—or as it's more formally known, The Hospital for Sick Children—in Toronto.

This Radio Station Made Fun, Clever Use of Album Covers in Ad for Its Morning Show

Vancouver radio station Rock 101 has a TV spot for its "Willy in the Morning" oldies show, and it's actually good. No, really.

DDB Just Figured Out How to Boost Milk’s Popularity: Give It a Special Glass

How do you improve a glass of milk?  By improving the glass of milk. (Ba dum—tss!)  With help from DDB Canada, the Dairy Farmers of Canada introduce The Milk Glass™. Because you don't want to drink milk from just any old thing, and certainly not a clumsy mug that's as adapted to coffee as it is to dairy. 

Scotts Turf Builder Makes Grass So Green, This Agency Used It as a Green Screen

Here's a little inside-baseball stunt for all your advertising production people out there. Scotts Canada is running a new commercial that shows how Scotts Turf Builder Green Max will make you grass so green, you can even use it as a green screen.