This Spooky Trailer for Cinemax’s Outcast Makes You Feel Like a Demon Is Possessing You

Imagine for a minute a demon is possessing you. You close your eyes and a husky, smoky voice whispers, "It'll be over soon, don't fight too hard." The darkness envelops you, and after a few seconds, you open your eyes. As soon as you do, you're confronted with the image of a young boy, contorting his body and breaking his bones.

Apple Watch Is Only the Tip of the Iceberg for Fashionable Tech at SXSW

The fashion industry is notorious as a slow mover in digital, with brands that have storied histories not lending themselves to fast-moving trends. It's also an industry known for constantly reinventing itself, and nowhere is that more apparent than at this week's South by Southwest Interactive.

Cinemax Appeals to the 1 Percent in Labyrinthine Ads for ‘Hunted’

I'm a sucker for a good ARG, even if it is just an ad for a show I'll never watch. So, I'm intrigued by what Campfire and Jam3 put together for Hunted, a new Cinemax drama revolving around the ominous-sounding Byzantium Security International. Not only do the fictional company's name and image bait the Occupy movement (out-of-home ads were placed on and around Wall Street, and banners on, to really rub that in), but the game they direct people to, at, is a five-part job application that's appropriately byzantine. Campfire worked with a cognitive psychologist on the tests, which combine Facebook integration, emotion recognition technology, logic and spatial puzzles, personality tests and subliminal commands. The agency even hired a magician from The Magic Circle, a London-based magician society, to further trick out the site. (For outreach, Campfire sent writers and bloggers a wooden puzzle, in the shape of the Byzantium Security logo, that was a challenge to unlock—with a flash drive inside containing media materials.) When done well, ARG campaigns can promote, set the tone for, and generate a keener understanding of the product before the audience really interacts with it, and I feel like the Hunted campaign gets this. And if worst comes to worst and the show sucks, at least we got something good out of the whole thing. Credits below.

Campfire Cooks Up Buzz for Game of Thrones

Sunday's premiere of the new HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones may have drawn relatively moderate numbers but don’t blame its marketing agency.Campfire, which specializes in bespoke marketing that blends physical and digital elements, says it surpassed all its targets for an elaborate campaign to drive buzz about the show ahead of its launch.