Capturing More User Info in a Less Creepy Way

Given today’s digital privacy minefield, publishers and advertisers must find ways to get information from their audiences without creeping them out.

Portrait: Factory Design Labs

Specs Who (l. to r.) Scott Mellin, CEO; Andrew Price, vp, executive creative director; Tracy McInnes, president  What Digital creative agency Where Denver offices

Ad of the Day: Callaway

Sports ads are supposed to be fun. Whether it's a guy in Nikes making an impossible basket or a girl in Adidas racing to the finish line, there's always an element of adrenaline-pumping excitement that makes you want to go out and buy those damn sneakers—so you, too, can perform like a well-toned pro.

Callaway giving golf a little bit of basketball

What's with golf these days? Once the world's most buttoned-up sport, it is now flirting with serious weirdness. Earlier we had Doug deGrood's golf rap video. The latest example comes […]