A French Company Is About to Become America’s 4th Largest Cable Provider

After 42 years, the Dolan family will no longer control Cablevision.

ESPN and Cablevision Are Set to Announce a Game-Changing Data Deal

ESPN will announce a first-of-its-kind data deal with a cable TV provider at its upfront presentation tomorrow.

Cablevision ‘Interested’ in Partnering With Time Warner Cable

Less than two weeks after Comcast's proposed acquisition of Time Warner Cable came to a bitter end, another cable giant says the time is still right for consolidation. And it's all about geography.

Cablevision Will Offer Hulu Plus to Optimum Customers

Cablevision has reached an agreement with Hulu to offer the company's streaming subscription service, Hulu Plus, to Optimum customers, making it the first cable or satellite provider to distribute the VOD content.

Canadian Regulators Back Off Plan to Impose a ‘Netflix Tax’

Canada’s equivalent of the FCC has backed off trying to regulate Netflix by dropping a proposal that has become known as the "Netflix tax." The move could have significant implications for other U.S. entertainment content providers doing business in Canada.

Netflix’s Hastings Slams Comcast in Blog Calling for Stronger Net Neutrality

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings took to his company's blog Thursday to call for Washington and the Federal Communications Commission to pass stronger net neutrality rules so that Netflix doesn't have to keep paying "Internet tolls" to powerful ISPs to deliver its content to consumers, like its recent deal with Comcast.

Government Sides With Broadcasters in Aereo Case

The government is siding with broadcasters in their legal fight with Aereo. In an amicus brief filed with the Supreme Court, the U.S.

Bumpy Start for Oscars Live Streaming Initiative

ABC’s first pass at live-streaming the Academy Awards didn’t exactly go off without a hitch last night, as user demand knocked the service out of commission.

Matt Seiler Is Out to Remake and Automate the Media Agency World

Facebook global sales chief Carolyn Everson knew to brace herself for some hair-raising skiing in the Utah mountains with Matt Seiler, a weekend guest of hers at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. When the two skied together previously, the Mediabrands CEO always sought out the toughest trails—whether Everson was ready for them or not.

Thursday Night Is a Game Changer for NFL Network

Adding five Thursday Night Football games to its lineup has paid handsome dividends for NFL Network, enabling the league’s in-house TV outlet to boost its carriage fees by as much as 41 percent.