7 Emerging Conferences Every Advertising Professional Should Know About

More than ever, today’s marketers are dependent on finding insight and inspiration from the world beyond their businesses to drive innovation and discover new meaning for their customers. While there’s […]

Here’s How Airbnb Disrupted the Travel Industry

MONTREAL, Canada—Airbnb became the successful brand it is today by following trends of disruption in the hospitality business that have been around since the 1950s, and by understanding shifts in consumer behavior.

How Aldo Uses Customer Insights to Attract Savvy Shoppers

In the ecommerce era, storefronts have evolved from places of transaction to places of service, according to Patrik Frisk, CEO of Aldo Group. At the C2 Montreal conference on Tuesday, Frisk discussed how the shoe giant is evolving due to changing shopping habits.

Brands Are Eager to Partner With Cirque du Soleil

Some would argue that advertising has always been essentially a three-ring circus. And now Cirque du Soleil, home to lavish spectacles that are today’s version of the traveling big top, is literally turning the ad business into a high-wire act, as it expands aggressively into marketing and branding partnerships.