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Here Are the 7 Agencies That Priceline Is Considering for Its Creative Account

Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners' long tenure on Priceline.com has ended.

Accounts in Review: SunTrust Hires a New Lead Shop

Don't despair, creative agencies, there are pitches for you, too. Not every account review right now revolves around media. As a public service—and a needed respite from Mediapalooza 2015—Adweek below […]

Priceline ‘Negotiators’ Put Creative Up for Review

Priceline.com's creative business is up for review, the company has confirmed.Ark Advisors in New York is the consultancy hired to run the process. Ark could not immediately be reached, but sources said that the online travel site had already begun to contact agencies.

Agency Leaders Predict What We’ll Be Talking About a Year From Now

When asked today what the ad industry will be talking about a year from now, agency leaders were refreshingly thoughtful and hopeful.Talking in paragraphs rather than soundbites, a panel of four leaders offered four different visions when Adweek's Lisa Granatstein posed the question at the 4A's Transformation Conference in Austin, Texas.

Priceline Knows You Can’t Keep William Shatner Away From Super Bowl Sunday

These are the voyages of Priceline's Negotiator. His 17-year mission: To seek out the best travel deals, and boldly pitch like no man has pitched before.William Shatner returns Sunday during NBC's Super Bowl pregame coverage in his long-running role as spokesman for the online travel site. Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting also beams down for an appearance as the Negotiator's daughter in this 30-second spot from Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners. On game day, it won't leave you feeling deflated. (Or you can just enjoy it here and now. Whatever.)

Heavy Metal Band Tours in a Greyhound in Cinema Ad That Goes to 11

IDEA: Rock stars are afforded certain, ahem, amenities aboard their multimillion-dollar buses. But Greyhound has some nice on-board features, too, and becomes the touring vehicle of choice for a heavy metal band—thanks to a bargain-hunting manager—in this 60-second cinema spot from Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners.

You Need More Than Great Ads to Win at Cannes

Some recent case-study videos have become just as creative—sometimes more so—than the campaigns they tout. As award show entry numbers swell—the Cannes Lions festival got 37,427 submissions this year, up 5 percent from 2013—agencies are fighting to stand out.

Mini Drivers Dream Up the Craziest, Coolest Test Drives Ever … and Then Go Do Them

I'm positively floored by the fun series of Web videos by Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners and Tool of North America introducing the BMW Mini Cooper Hardtop.Client and agency asked real Mini owners to think up creative "test drives" to showcase the vehicles. After receiving 800 submissions, they produced 10 videos. The work strikes a happy balance between user-generated content and traditional advertising, with the owners' ideas sparking consistently entertaining, engaging and, in some cases, surprising results.Running between one and two minutes each, and starring the owners who proposed the concepts, some of the vignettes are simple, others quite involved.But there's isn't a lemon in the lot. Highlights include "Getting Medieval," which shows heavily armed and armored knights jousting in their Minis; "Midnight Black Light," with LED headlamps replaced by black lights that cut through a dazzling landscape of fluorescent paint; and my favorite, "Sex Appeal," a tongue-in-cheek, Burt Reynolds/Cosmo-style photo shoot with scented candles, a spray-on tan, bulging obliques—and probably a car in there somewhere, too."I was very happy to play the fool—it was supposed to be a spoof and purposely goofy—and the crew were impressed with my willingness to look like an ass," Thomas Lhamon, a chemistry teacher and the star of "Sex Appeal," tells AdFreak of his racy test drive. He wanted to see how many Facebook likes he could generate by posing with the Hardtop, and his video highlights the car's connected apps.In fact, all mentions of specific brand attributes feel unforced and logical. For example, "Parallel Universe" has Minis squeezing between elephants, shopping carts and even planets to showcase parking-assistance technology, while "Foot-to-Pedal Style," all about shopping for cute shoes, touts cargo space.Though each is amusing in its own right, the 10 videos, posted below, work especially well when viewed as a series. There's also a whole microsite here. All told, these owners did a fantastic job of generating ideas. Maybe they should shift into advertising. Actually, with this campaign, I guess they have.

FCB West Wins Ghirardelli Chocolate

FCB West is the new creative lead agency for Ghirardelli Chocolate Co., taking over from Interpublic Group sibling Lowe Campbell Ewald, which handled the account since 2006.The assignment shifted after a review in which other finalists included Grey, Cutwater and Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners, according to sources. Lowe Campbell Ewald did not defend.

Ad of the Day: Robert Redford, Will Ferrell Ludicrously Debate How to Help the Colorado River

Robert Redford wants to restore the Colorado River Delta, which has dried up severely over the past century, to its former lush glory through the "Raise the River" project.Will Ferrell wants to tell him where to stick it.