burning love

The Problem With the Bachelor Spoof Burning Love

When it comes to spoofing reality hit The Bachelor, Erica Oyama may have done too good a job. When Oyama and her husband, actor/comedian Ken Marino, created Burning Love for Yahoo, the show was meant to be a blatantly ridiculous sendup of the long-running dating competition. But when the couple started gauging the then Web-only show’s quick rise, particularly its strong social reaction, they noticed something. “There are large quantity of people who are confused by it," said Oyama. “There were many people who thought it was real. They were confused. People would get into fights on the comments boards [about whether or not it was staged].”

Yahoo’s The Fuzz and Ghost Ghirls Delayed

Yahoo had better buy Hulu. That way maybe you’ll be able to find its shows.

An Open Letter to Marissa Mayer

We know that Marissa Mayer understands what it's like to work for an ad-supported business; she helped build possibly the best ad machine the world has ever seen.