Top 10 Commercials of the Week

This week, a headless pair of breasts sought to sell scents, we saw a final spot from the late Tony Scott, and The Sun found a way to shine.Many of the hundreds of TV commercials aired each day are just blips on the radar, having little impact on American consumers constantly bombarded by advertising messages.These aren't those commercials. 

Top 10 Commercials of the Week: Aug. 18-23

Rum Ad Pities the Catfish and Its Gazillion Wasted Taste Buds

Here's one commercial that sort of got away from its creators. And that's a shame, because the animated catfish in this Bundaberg Red spot by Leo Burnett, Sydney, Australia, is a nice catch. The creature is pleasingly cute/ugly, and anthropomorphized just enough to be endearingly memorable but still realistic.

Ad of the Day: Bundaberg

Australia's Bundaberg Rum had a nice little campaign last year featuring the brand's posh yet insane late-1800s founders, an exploding crocodile, and a sarcastic apology to animal-rights activists. That work was amusingly absurd.

Bundaberg rum now apologizes for apology

The Bundaberg rum exploding-crocodile story, outlined here last week, has yet another chapter. After blowing up a crocodile in a commercial (not really) and then apologizing for it (not really), […]

Rum brand defiant after exploding crocodile

Viewers who are sick and tired of a certain activist group's complaints about the mistreatment of animals in advertising will love these two ads for Australia's Bundaberg Rum. In the […]