Brooks Brothers

The 6 Manliest Fashion Brands of All Time [Video]

What is it that makes a fashion item quintessentially manly? Historian and in-house Brand Genius Robert Klara talks us through the styles that will make a man of you.

The Best Brand Extensions of 2013

In a sea of questionable extensions, you voted this one the absolute worst. Basketball great Shaquille O’Neal played in 15 All-Star games, won seven MVPs and ranks sixth in points […]

Make an Ordinary Brand Fancy: Send It to College

Nobody’s sure where the term originated. One story holds that in 1935 eight college athletic teams—Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Cornell, Dartmouth, Brown, Columbia and the University of Pennsylvania—decided to form an exclusive football league.

Brooks Brothers Premieres the Great Gatsby—Well, His Closet

For the next few weeks, the shopper who steps through the doors of the Brooks Brothers New York flagship store is bound to marvel over what seems like a nifty bit of time travel. One moment, he’s on Madison and 44th in 2013; the next, he’s standing at Jay Gatsby’s place in West Egg in 1922. But it’s not magic, ol’ fella, it’s marketing.

Brooks Brothers Pulls Wool Over Your Eyes With Singing Lambs

Animals singing Christmas songs—it's a cliché of the holiday season, and one that Brooks Brothers heartily embraces in the video below. The point is to emphasize the clothing chain's longevity. Brooks Brothers was founded in 1818.