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5 Trends That Are Radically Reshaping Shopper Marketing

Malls are lumbering, claustrophobic dinosaurs, while anchor stores like Macy's and Kohl's are shuttering hundreds of locations. Fresh Direct and Peapod make it easier and quicker to stock a cupboard than wading through the jam-packed neighborhood Kroger, and Amazon and eBay and Overstock sell, well, everything. Who needs retail anymore?

This Kate Spade Store Is Still Being Built, but You Can Shop Online Right at the Construction Site

Brick-and-mortar stores almost always seem to be under construction or renovating, but why should that stop consumers from shopping? Kate Spade will open a new store at The Mall at Short Hills in Short Hills, NJ, on Oct. 24, but in the meantime, it set up a high-tech barricade that lets passersby shop amid the construction.

Retailers Are Using Data-Based Approaches to Fight Showrooming

Technology has given consumers the ability to be multichannel shoppers, giving rise to the showrooming phenomenon whereby people check out the merchandise in the stores, then go online and buy it elsewhere for less.

FTC’s Ad Regulator Plans to Focus Heavily on Native and Mobile

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Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph Help Best Buy Stave Off Showrooming

Halloween is here, which means it's time for Christmas ads to appear. And Crispin Porter + Bogusky's "Your Ultimate Holiday Showroom" push for Best Buy helps usher in the season with celebrities reading brand-centric tales of in-store holiday shopping. The campaign is designed to thwart "showrooming," the practice of scoping out items at retail locations but ordering online to score a better deal. (Memo to Best Buy: Good luck with that.) Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph star in the first two spots of the campaign, which will eventually have 11 ads featuring an odd array of celebs including LL Cool J and Jason Schwartzman. Reading storybook selections that riff on "'Twas the Night Before Christmas," Arnett and Rudolph manage to amuse despite having to work with lines like, "'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the hood, the shopping was over; daddy done good." Is this the best way to fill the aisles with smiles? So far, watching these ads is like unwrapping a package on Christmas morning and discovering socks. They seem comfortable and well-made, but lack that special yule-log spark that would really make them pop.

Does the American Shopping Mall Have a Second Life?

Here’s how to have a good time at the local shopping mall,” a reviewer called Bunny E. posted on Yelp this past February. “Load the ‘Dawn of the Dead’ soundtrack on your MP3 player and go to the mall between 7-8 a.m. (before they even turn on all the lights). Hit play and immerse yourself in a post-apocalyptic nightmare world.