Coolest Agency Product of the Day: This Reactive, Ready-to-Use, Modular Kinetic Display

The inventors at Breakfast have been busy, and their newest toy is ready for market. The Brooklyn-based agency and product design shop—once described as a team of "hardware hackers"—today is launching a flexible, standalone version of its electromagnetic dot-based billboard. The "Flip-Disc Display System" is a literally titled out-of-the-box approach to kinetic signage, made of modular panels that can recreate images, video, text and more, all fed to it via an accompanying app.

This Brooklyn Agency Is Selling Simple Blue Rings as a Way to Fight Trump

As people around the U.S.—and the world—struggle to process the result of last Tuesday's presidential election, many are wondering what they can do to combat the negative impact that Donald Trump's rise to power is expected to have on a wide range of issues, including civil rights, women's rights and climate change. The founders of Brooklyn product design company Breakfast, for their part, have chosen to do what they do best—design a product.

How America’s Top 2 Breakfast Cereal Makers Are Responding to Soggy Sales

Oh, for the good old days of breakfast cereal.

6 of the Best Breakfast Spots in Cannes for the Hungry or Hungover

Two things Cannes Lions attendees often want to know, especially as the festival week grinds on, are where to get a good breakfast and where to recover from a hangover. […]

5 Instagram Accounts That Take Breakfast to the Next Level

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, or so the old adage goes. So start your day off right with the help of some of the most visually […]

Can McDonald’s Keep Its Mojo After the All-Day-Breakfast Hype Fades?

Consumers are lovin' McDonald's all-day breakfast, to the tune of surging sales for the brand, but how long can the party last?

How Regional Chains Are Competing in the Fast-Food Breakfast War

It's easy to assume that the fast-food breakfast war begins and ends with its two major contenders: Taco Bell and McDonald's.

IHOP, Waffle House and Dunkin’ Donuts Are Unimpressed With McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast

Conquering the breakfast market is essential for fast-food brands—sales last year reached $34.5 billion, per research firm Technomic.

McDonald’s Finally Caves: All-Day Breakfast Is Coming Nationwide This Fall

If there's one thing McDonald's customers have been begging for it's all-day breakfast. The fast-food giant teased people earlier this year by testing the concept at select locations in California. But now, with those tests almost over, all-day breakfast will roll out nationwide on Oct. 6, according to McDonald's spokeswoman Lisa McComb. 

As the Tech Industry Grows and Diversifies, Digital Agency Dress Codes Now Range ‘From Hobo to GQ’

When Andrea Bredau, managing director of talent at Huge, brings in job candidates, she tells them not to wear suits. Take note, newly minted college grads winding down your summer vacations and looking to get a job in digital: You may need some cool, casual gear just to get in the door.