Break Media

How Defy Media Creates a Fun, Youthful Workspace Behind the Scenes

2015 NewFronts presenter Defy Media knows what the kids want. As one of the largest original content creators for the 13 to 34 demo, with a large chunk of content […]

Unsuspecting Waitress Has Best Shift Ever

Most pranks involve deceiving someone and making them feel like they are having the worst day of their lives. Break is trying to change that model with its Prank it Fwd series, which involve all positive pranks.

Morgan Freeman’s Extraordinary Reading of ‘What the Fox Says’

It's too soon to tell how the merger of Break Media and Alloy Digital is going to play out. But one of the first video outputs of the new company, Defy Media, clearly resonated with the YouTube world last week.

Who Gets Yahoo’s Big Media Job?

Who gets Yahoo’s big media job? According to, the company is looking for a big name from TV world to help shepherd potential content deals like the one in the works for Katie Couric.

NYT: Alloy Digital, Break Media to Merge

Two major players in the Web video space, Alloy Digital and Break Media, plan to merge into a new company called Defy Media, according to a New York Times report.

Web Video Crashes Comic-Con

It's been a long time since Comic-Con was just about comic books. Hollywood has been a huge presence there for years. But in the past couple of years, creators from the Web video world have started to crash the show. 

Buyers Pushing Nielsen Data for Web Video and YouTube Won’t Play Ball

Following the NewFronts, the battle lines in Web video are being drawn, and YouTube might be on the wrong side. After several years of testing, clients and their agencies are eager to buy video inventory that is guaranteed against particular audience demographics, just like they’ve been doing with TV for decades. The biggest ad agency holding companies are convalescing around Nielsen’s Online Campaign Ratings data or comScore's Validated Campaign Essentials (VCE) as their preferred currency in Web video, according to multiple buyers and sellers. As are top marketers like Procter and Gamble.

Break Media Goes After Zach Braff’s Kickstarter Campaign

Listen up, wealthy celebs. You don't need Kickstarter to finance your next project. Save crowdfunding for the cash-strapped creative types out there.

Nivea Runs Comedy Series With Damon Wayans, Jr.

Beiersdorf, the 131-year-old German consumer-packaged goods firm, today is launching a branded comedy video series dubbed "Just Face It" for its Nivea Men product line, starring actor Damon Wayans, Jr. (Happy Endings) and featuring writer

Break Media Debuts Comic Talk Show Speakeasy

The rash of digital NewFront presentations over the past few weeks seems to indicate that there's money in Web video, there's serious money in TV and everybody in digital media wants more.