BP’s New Gas Pump Engages Customers With Music, a Photo Booth and Trivia

At a few BP locations starting today, people may actually enjoy filling up their tanks rather than simply tapping their toes in boredom. The petroleum retailer is rolling out an interactive gas pump called Miles, which offers voice instructions for activities such as listening to tunes, social media sharing, video ecards

Shell Shows More Gas Brands Could Fuel Up on Social Media

While BP has garnered attention in recent years for its use of social media, not many of its competitors have been notably active in the space.

Ogilvy Slashes Staffing in Its L.A. Office

Ogilvy & Mather is slashing staffing in its Los Angeles office due to dramatic spending reductions from a couple of its largest clients. Effective Feb. 3, the agency is cutting 33 positions across all agency operations, with 15 permanent staffers remaining.

Pandora Rolls Out In-Car Ads

Pandora's ad business just got wheels. The Internet radio giant has launched its first in-car advertising product, just in time for the launch of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The company has signed its first in-car radio ad deals with BP, Ford, State Farm and Taco Bell, said officials.

A Communications Strategist Discusses the Overlap of Politics and Branding

Specs Who Kevin Hauswirth Age 29

Nine Very Olympic Ads for the 2012 London Games

The Ozzy Osbourne Effect

A new SUV ad featuring a family belting out an a capella version of Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train" helped give Honda a big boost in consumer perception in June.

BP Accidentally Includes Anti-BP Protesters in Latest Ad

BP's public relations problems continue into 2012, as one of its "Look guys, we're helping!" ads features an accidental cameo by a group of anti-BP protesters, who are reminding Gulf Coast residents why their water table got screwed up in the fir

BP’s angriest critics open fire with F-bombs

The environmental movement UnF—k The Gulf is only putting into words (well, one specific word) how most of us have felt about the BP oil spill, and their edginess is […]

Tar balls put damper on Florida’s beach ads

Add Florida's "Our coast is clear" tourism ads to the list of things BP's oil spill has killed. BP paid Florida some $25 million to run a campaign reassuring tourists […]