Boston Marathon

The Most Memorable Sports Magazine Covers of 2013

Rolling Stone Gets Traffic Boost From Boston Bomber Controversy

Boycotts or not, Rolling Stone struck newsstand gold last month with its controversial Boston Bomber issue, which saw sales nearly double versus the previous year. And that buzz seems to have translated to the magazine’s digital platforms, too.

Despite Controversy, Rolling Stone ‘Boston Bomber’ Issue Is a Hit on Newsstands

Rolling Stone's “Boston Bomber” issue got a rash of bad publicity and retailers like CVS and Stop & Stop pulled it from shelves after a “Boycott Rolling Stone” campaign gained steam on Facebook.

Advertisers React Negatively to Rolling Stone Cover

If the recent history of controversial magazine covers is any guide, Rolling Stone may get a boost in Web traffic and newsstand sales for its

Stores Boycotting Rolling Stone’s Boston Bomber Cover

Rolling Stone has never shied away from provocative covers: From a stylized image of Charles Manson to a topless Janet Jackson, the magazine has successfully riled the American public for decades. But its latest cover, featuring alleged Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, has elicited a new level of controversy.

Crowdfunding Efforts Aid Boston Marathon Victims

In the aftermath of last week’s Boston Marathon bombings, social platforms have become an important tool not just for sharing information about the events, but for raising funds for its victims. Online crowdfunding sites are making it easier than ever for anyone to organize fundraising around a cause.

More Than 2.4 Million People Followed Boston Manhunt on Ustream

Aside from NBC’s Pete Williams and local Boston news station WCVB, TV news outlets infamously fumbled in reporting the manhunt following last week’s Boston Marathon bombing.

FCC Tweet Lets Slide Ortiz F-Word

In one tweet, Federal Communications Comission chairman Julius Genachowski may have single-handedly changed the agency's policy on F-words forever.

Reddit’s Role Scrutinized in Boston Bombing Investigation [Updated]

Social-news site Reddit is taking its lumps along with traditional media in their coverage of the Boston bombings.

Adidas Boston T-Shirt Supports Marathon Victims’ Fund

Adidas announced it will donate all proceeds from the sale of a commemorative t-shirt to The One Fund Boston, established to aid Boston Marathon victims, reported.