Bobby Murphy

10 Must-See Digital Marketing Stats From the Past Week

Instagram is a juggernaut. Snapchat is a phenomenon, and Kik and Line are basically killing it. What do all these have in common? They represent the latest in mobile and digital communications. The messaging craze has continued to evolve in surprising ways, and in ways marketers can start to take advantage of.

Snapchat’s Movie Guru Behind ‘The Social Network’

Snapchat board member Michael Lynton could be a big help with the movie version of the company's founding if there ever is one. Lynton helped bring the founding of Facebook to the screen with The Social Network, an Oscar nominee out of Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Snapchat to Judge: Make This Guy’s Mouth Disappear

Snapchat wants a gag order on an early partner who is suing them for potentially billions of dollars.