Blue Balls Blues

Safe-Sex Campaign Stars Pair of Frustrated Musical Testicles

Here's an unconventional approach to promoting safe sex. Instead of warning viewers about pregnancy or STDs, this campaign focuses on a different affliction personified by two testicles named Rusty and Vern, who've got the blues real bad—the Blue Balls Blues—and want to tell you all about it through song.The website explains:"Rusty and Vern are a pair of balls on a mission. A mission to save mankind from big, bulging problems. Hailed as the rallying cry for any testicle that's ever suffered from man's eternal struggle to remember condoms, their debut single has critics buzzing, ladies applauding, and guys singing a different tune. So watch the video, enjoy the melody, but do mind their message. This is no labor of love for ol' Rusty and Vern. This, like so many blues greats before them, is the only way they could find release."The work is from the creative team of John Lightstone, Antonio Marcato, Jon Barco and Brittany Weltner, with help from T2 Studios and Big Foote Music & Sound. You can even download the MP3 (“Sounds like how getting kicked in the nuts feels"). Posters and full credits after the jump.