Bloomberg Markets

Now Quarterly, Bloomberg Pursuits Adds to Masthead, Launches iPad App

Bloomberg Pursuits, the luxury lifestyle spinoff of Bloomberg Markets, is trying to make more inroads into fashion as it steps up its frequency to four times a year.

Bloomberg to Double Frequency of ‘Pursuits’

Bloomberg L.P. may have conquered the financial world, but in the fashion world, it’s pretty much a nobody. It’s trying to change that, though.

Bloomberg Bows Luxe Mag

Through its terminal business, Bloomberg LP has served as a tool for financiers to make money. Now, it’ll tell them how to spend it.

Bloomberg Strikes Again

Bloomberg Markets magazine has been flying under the radar—surprising, considering its readership consists of some of the country’s richest CEOs and financiers. But now it’s introducing a new franchise and taking the fight right to bigger rival titles.