Top 10 Branded Videos: KLM Enlists a Beagle to Find Your Missing Phone

KLM cranked up the charm this week to grab the No. 1 spot on the Adweek/VidIQ top 10 branded video chart. The Dutch airline's spot shows off Sherlock, a detective beagle stationed at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to find and deliver items that passengers lose on planes.

Why Brands Suck at YouTube

Brands as publishers? Yeah right. Unless your business card says “chief Red Bull video guy” your brand is blowing it on YouTube. At least, that’s the assesment of Touchstorm, a company that claims to be able to get brands' videos distributed—and even better, watched—all over the Web. What makes Touchstorm so qualified to say that so many brands are blowing it on Google's mega-video platform? Well, according to an analysis the company has just released, The Touchstorm Video Index: Top Brands Edition, among the top 5,000 channels on YouTube, only 74 belong to brands.

Will Siri Blend? Blendtec Takes On the iPhone 4S

"It blends, Tom. I can feel it. I can feel it." Alas, there's no HAL 9000-style reaction when Blendtec puts the Apple iPhone 4S with Siri voice-recognition technology to the test.

The ‘Will It Blend?’ Blender Finally Meets Its Match

Tom Dickson, the founder of hard-core Blendtec blenders and host of the brand's "Will it blend?" videos, hasn't found much he couldn't pulverize—from iPads to bottles of Old Spice. Now, though, he's found a worthy opponent—phone manufacturer Sonim's legendarily durable XP3300 Force p