Bjorn Borg

This Mother and Daughter Just Made Some Really Strange Yet Hypnotic Sportswear Ads

DJ/fashionista Mimi Xu and her daughter Maily Beyrens (collectively known as XuBox) star in a series of self-consciously quirky videos promoting fashion brand Björn Borg's SS16 Limited Edition Sport Couture collection.

Fashion Brand Makes a Colorful Entrance Into Russia With Pro-Gay Ad in Moscow Times

Swedish fashion house Björn Borg, whose tagline is "Björn Borg says ja!," celebrated the launch of its Russian website with a full-page ad in homophobic Russia's Moscow Times showing colored underwear arranged to look like a rainbow. In a country where homosexuality has been criminalized, this is, ja, kind of a big deal.

The Christian right might not like this spot

Ah, those wacky, progressive Swedes. The Stockholm-based fashion house Bjorn Borg, which makes clothing, shoes, eyeglasses and such, has released a commercial in which two male priests are married in […]