Big Mac

McDonald’s Is Giving Away Its Big Mac Sauce via Livestreams on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

For fast-food lovers, the Big Mac has been a national treasure since McDonald's rolled it out in 1968, and much of the double-burger's success can be attributed to its secret sauce.

Why Fast-Food and Snack-Food Brands Are Introducing Smaller Signature Offerings

As consumers cut sugar and salt from their diets, fast-food and snack-food brands are fighting for survival. And part of their survival strategy is to downsize, with many brands slashing product sizes or introducing smaller versions of signature offerings.

McDonald’s Journey From 1940s California BBQ Joint to SXSW Sponsor

In 1940, Richard and Maurice McDonald started a BBQ joint in San Bernardino, Calif. It took eight years for the rookie restaurant to develop its brand and switch focus exclusively to burgers and French fries, solidifying itself as the greasy hamburger connoisseur we think of today.

McDonald’s Elevates Ads to Pop Culture Icons

You know you have achieved the status of marketing legend when you don’t need to even put your name on your communications and still everyone gets the message.

MARC Is an Agency That Brings Innovation to Retail

Specs Who Tony Bucci, chairman; and Michele Fabrizi, president and chief executive officer What Advertising agency Where Pittsburgh offices