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This Chicago Agency Creates Playful Campaigns for Major Brands

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Have You Ever? This Ad for Big Lots Goes From Oddly Repetitive to Downright Surreal

If you're a woman with an eye for design, Big Lots will apparently have you at a loss for words. But thankfully, there's AutoTune. In the chain's latest ad from agency OKRP, pairs of women—or "besties," as the press release puts it—register repetitive awe at living space layouts and home accessories, using shorthand exclamations that are easily understood among friends but are meaningless out of context. Interior designer and HGTV personality Meg Caswell anchors the spot, which puts phrases like "I can't," "Get out" and "Loving this" in a loop that might drive a reasonable person insane.

Doggies vs. Babies: Big Lots Hosts a Shamelessly Cute Showdown in Latest Ads

Who needs a Mayweather-Pacquiao rematch? Big Lots stages a "Battle for Ultimate Cuteness" between dogs and babies to promote the retailer's American Kennel Club Select products for dogs and B*loved line of baby goods.

Ad of the Day: Big Lots Does Focus Groups With Animals Because They’re People, Too

Attention, pet owners. Do you indulge in the perfectly reasonable habit of talking to your cats and dogs as if they could grasp human ideas? Of course you do. Does watching other people who engage in the same kind of behavior amuse you? Of course it does. Well, Big Lots wants you to know it understands.

Adweek’s Top 5 Commercials of the Week

It's Valentine's Day, and marketers have been tugging at your heartstrings all week with candy-coated, cute appeals. Also, the Winter Olympics continue to prove excellent fodder for major brands. All of this week's top ads focus on those two events, with the exception of one spot in which moms get jiggy over Hostess discounts.

Ad of the Day: Big Lots Gets Moms Dancing for Twinkies in Wacky Campaign

Thanks to sugar, savings or both, Big Lots—and its suddenly endless supply of reduced-price Hostess products—just makes moms want to dance.

Big Lots Hires Lead Creative Agency

Big Lots has bundled its creative business at a single shop. The retailer has awarded the account to Barkley after a review. Annual media spending exceeds $50 million, according to Nielsen. A handful of other undisclosed contenders competed for the business. Pile + Co. in Boston managed the process.