Bic Apologizes for Women’s Day Ad That Mostly Just Made Women Furious

Bic continues to have trouble talking to women.

Interactive Soccer Ads Boost Mondelez Awareness 220%

Brands are looking for more action with their video ads, and snack giant Mondelez and Bic are two that are betting that big buttons on preroll ads are interesting enough to get consumers to spend a few extra seconds with their promos.

‘Bic for Her’ Pens Deluged With Sarcastic Reviews on Amazon

The sarcastically adoring review is a time-honored bit of anti-consumerism dating back to the Three Wolf Moon T-shirt and surely further than that. Now, it's Bic's turn to get savaged, as women (and some men) are flooding the product page for "Bic for Her" pens with comically reverent five-star reviews, and some just-as-funny one-star ones. The pens—which are described right there in the technical specs as being "designed to fit comfortably in a woman's hand" with an "attractive barrel design available in pink and purple"—have been around for a while, but this wave of backlash is just gathering steam. Check out some of the reviews below. And have a look at Bic for Her's U.S. Amazon page, which is going down the same path. Via Jezebel.

Bic Gets You All Shaved Up for Human Curling

Bic razors and Paris agency Buzzman have found a new rationale for full-body shaving that's even more disconcerting than the usual ones—as preparation for human curling. As a rule, I try never to think about curling, but I still like how strange this ad's concept was—until the end, when the announcers jokingly drill it into us that it was a Bic ad all along.

Retro razor ad doesn’t have legs to stand on

Chevrolet doesn't have a monopoly on retro-sexism these days. This '50s-style ad for Bic Soleil razors has been pulled from Toronto's subway after an outcry from those who say it […]

Those without DVR, grab your Bic pens now

BorghiErh/Lowe in Brazil makes a point for Bic pens (sorry) via a trio of amusing low-budget TV commercials that we're told will "only be shown once." We're given the directions […]