Mountain Dew’s Puppy Monkey Baby Super Bowl Spot Is as Odd as It Is Addictive

Big Game ads featuring puppies, monkeys or babies often win the Super Bowl, so Mountain Dew decided to fuse all three together. Why risk segmenting your audience (What if someone likes babies but not puppies? Or monkeys but not babies?) when you can play Dr. Frankenstein and blend all three together? 

Will This Niche Beverage Company’s Super Bowl Spot Be a Surprise Hit?

Bai, the maker of low-calorie health beverages, will make its first Super Bowl appearance with a commercial by Barton F. Graf. What's more, the brand has elevated Barton to lead agency status. Bai will run a single 30-second spot during the Feb. 7 CBS telecast. Media placement is being handled by Maxus. Bai has yet to finalize the exact placement of the ad.

There’s a Tiny, Adorable, Rather Messy Kitchen in Each Bottle of This Japanese Drink

If you want a drink that tastes like an entire kitchen, Japanese beverage marketer Kirin might suggest its Salt and Fruit soda. A new spot from the brand features a tiny, adorable kitchen (a 1/48 scale model, to be precise) inside a plastic bottle.

Coke Runs First All-Digital Effort, Focusing on Teens and Mobile

Coca-Cola has emerged from an extensive round of teen panels and believes it knows what those kids want from the brand—fun, "snackable" digital experiences that center on mobile consumption over desktops.

Social Data Uncovers Brand, TV Show Affinity

To reach consumers most likely to mention Walmart on social media, marketers might have luck targeting shows with, well, less than lofty themes.