PetSmart Searching for a New Creative Agency

PetSmart's reviewing its agency roster again. This time, the country's largest specialty pet retailer sent out a request for proposals for its creative business with responses due this week, according to sources.  PetSmart spends about $90 million annually on measured media. Mercer Island Group is running the search.  

OMD Wins PetSmart Media Business

OMD Chicago won media planning and buying for PetSmart after a review following the bankruptcy of the marketer’s previous agency, KSL Media. PetSmart spends around $90 million a year on measured media.

Doner Wins Meijer’s Media Business

Regional grocery chain Meijer has shifted its media account after a review. Doner Media in Southfield, Mich. will handle planning and buying for the retailer, which is based in Grand Rapids, Mich. Annual media spending is estimated at more than $30 million. The new agency succeeds Empower MediaMarketing in Cincinnati.

Commerce Bank Goes to Olson

Commerce Bank has tapped Olson to handle marketing for its retail, commercial and trust units. The shift came after a review following the bank’s parting of ways with 14-year incumbent Bernstein-Rein, Kansas City. Other finalists in the review included The Richards Group, Dallas and Rodgers Townsend, St. Louis, sources said.

PetSmart Seeks a New Agency for Media

PetSmart is looking for a new agency to plan and buy media, following the Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing by incumbent KSL Media last month, sources said. The country’s largest specialty pet retailer awarded its business to independent KSL in January 2012.

World’s Worst Athletes Reach for the Fluffy Gold of Twinkies

Ever wonder what kind of junk food Michael Phelps reaches for when he gets the munchies? Probably not Twinkies. That's because Hostess much prefers athletes who suck at sports, according to a batch of faux-Olympic ads from Bernstein-Rein. The spots present cheap stock footage of out-of-shape everyday athletes pole vaulting, diving and doing gymnastics—in each case, very badly—to the accompaniment of a terrifically tacky/pompous synthesizer score. They're reaching for the kind of "gold" that real folks can savor: Twinkies. These clips are sweeter and more satisfying than most of the half-baked, bombastic ads that official Olympic sponsors and others have trotted out in recent weeks. Thanks, Hostess, for reminding us that no matter how slow and fat we get, you'll always be there with golden cake and creamy filling to make us slower and fatter! Come on, Nike jogger, you know you want one! Two more spots after the jump.