From the Clever to the Bizarre: Auto Brands Make the Darndest Things

We live in a world of brand extensions—espresso machines from Starbucks, cooking utensils from the Food Network. There’s little wonder why. Parallel products launched under a major brand name can […]

Bentley’s New App Uses Facial Recognition to Point You to the Ideal SUV

In what it's billing as a "luxury commissioning experience," Bentley has launched its Inspirator app with a compelling promise: To use your emotions to recommend you the perfect Bentayga SUV.

Why James Bond Still Drives an Aston Martin, Even If He’s Not Helping Sales

When Desmond Llewelyn (better known as "Q") displayed the Aston Martin DB5 to James Bond in 1964, he was unveiling a sports car version of the license to kill.

One of the World’s Most Expensive Auto Brands Just Shot an Ad Entirely on iPhones

Of all the brands to prove that video productions don't have to be elaborate, overpriced boondoggles, the last name you'd expect would be Bentley.And yet here we are, with a slick short film shot entirely on the iPhones and edited on iPad Airs that come standard in the backseat of the $300,000 Bentley Mulsanne.The goal was, of course, not to celebrate affordable efficiency. Instead, the creators were hoping to convey the auto's connectivity features, which include a WiFi hotspot and the "twin electrically deployed picnic tables with concealed iPad holders."The brand obviously risks looking like an old codger waving around a popular kid's toy, and many 99 percenters will likely see the clip's dialogue between design execs as elitest windbaggery that conveys little actual information.But the video definitely seems to be striking a chord for quite a few of the brand's passionate fans. It's been viewed more than 700,000 times on YouTube, where users have given it nearly 3,500 thumbs up compared to just 199 thumbs down.To see how the video was cut together, watch the making-of footage that begins around the 3:15 mark.UPDATE: We've gotten a hold of the short film's creator and director, Austin Reza of Reza & Co., who sent us quite a few more details. Check out his description of the shoot after the clip:

Maybach to Make Comeback—But How?

The latest performance feat from Mercedes-Benz is impressive indeed—a giant U-turn. After announcing in August of 2012 that it would discontinue the ultra-premium Maybach brand, Mercedes has reportedly decided to bring the car back.

How Bentley Blew Past Rolls Royce

The long road of the automotive industry is littered with the wrecks of many a brand that broke down along the way—not just the truly awful ones that never should have left the assembly line (the Yugo, the Suzuki X-90), but also the once proud and sturdy makes (Packard, Oldsmobile) that simply fell prey to changing tastes and the shinier chrome of their competitors.

Agency of the Year: PHD

When PHD pitched Unilever’s media business last year in a highly competitive review, the agency’s worldwide chief Mike Cooper hoped his company would win a couple of the marketer’s big global brands.

92 Years Young

One of the innumerable photo ops during the royal nuptials of William and Kate this past summer took place when a 21-foot-long, wine-red Bentley coasted to a stop at the steps of Westminster Abbey. As a liveried guard opened the door, out popped “Granny”—the gnomish 85-year-old Elizabeth II.