Here’s the First Branded Mannequin Challenge Video That’s Really Worth Watching

A few brands and agencies have tried the Mannequin Challenge, but here's one that has a powerful and compelling message to impart.  The video below is set to Sremmurd's "Black Beatles." In keeping with Mannequin Challenge tradition, the camera pans smoothly through a laboratory, where everyone seems frozen in place—with vials of blood exchanging hands, smoke rising out of beakers and objects appearing stuck in mid-fall. 

How This Agency Got a Deceased Author to Sign Books at a Book Fair

Literary fans love a good book signing. But absent the actual author, the next best thing might be an autograph from a mechanical arm in his or her own style. That, at least, seems to be the premise of a stunt from European online bookseller and DDB Brussels at the Antwerp Book Fair this month. To mimic the handwriting of eight popular authors, the agency worked with research and design lab Beyond to analyze their original penmanship, and build a machine to recreate it.

Props No More, Ikea’s Catalog Models Have Become Delusional Fame Seekers

The humans sprinkled throughout the Ikea catalog traditionally have been pure background material, a supporting cast to the furniture and other brand goods for sale. But no longer! In this spot from DDB Brussels, they speak out, during the photo shoot for the new catalog, about their hopes and dreams, display their impressive thespian chops, and most of all, are thrilled to be poised on the cusp of what will surely be worldwide fame on the A-list level.

This Lovely Campaign Is Helping Restaurants in Brussels Recover After the Attacks

The restaurant business in Brussels has been suffering tremendously since the terrorist attacks of March 22. The bankruptcy rate of eateries in the city has increased by 1500 percent since then, according to ad agency Famous—with a nation of gourmands frequently staying home instead of enjoying dinner out. Famous decided to do something about this. So it teamed up with De Tijd and L'Echo, the leading national business newspapers in Belgium, for a social campaign called #DiningforBrussels.

Ikea Creates a Photo App That Lets You Take Only One Picture Ever

Ikea Belgium wants to save what it considers the dying art of photography ... by creating an app that only lets users snap one picture. 

At 90, Godiva Proudly Looks Back as It Charts a Path Forward

BRUSSELS, Belgium—A month before attending to much more tragic business here in the Belgian capital, Didier Reynders arrived as a guest of honor at a luxurious and playful 90th birthday party that Godiva, the renowned Brussels chocolatier, was throwing for itself at the city's beautiful art deco Albe

Air France Delays Its New Ad Campaign After Brussels Terrorist Attacks

Air France was supposed to launch a new ad campaign on Tuesday in its home country but decided to hold it back after the terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium, the same day. 

Belgium’s Top Ad Execs Are Donating Sperm and Eggs to Ensure the Nation’s Creative Future

People will do anything to protect a legacy. And Belgium is taking that to the next level. The country is extremely proud of its creative reputation. In four years, it has won 78 Cannes Lions, which is bananas for a country with a population of just 11.2 million. But young people are losing interest in advertising careers, which means there's a crisis coming.  "The number of students in creative fields has actually declined," says Greet Wachters, manager of Creative Belgium. "Those who opt for creative studies don't always end up looking for work in agencies."  In 10 or 20 years, there might not be a sufficient number of creatives to pick up the slack, adds managing partner Isabel Van den Broeck. To resolve the problem, Creative Belgium partnered with the Centre for Reproductive Medicine of Brussels and ad agency Air to come up with something smart, creepy, and only vaguely eugenicist: "Ad Babies," an appeal to today's creatives to donate sperm—and eggs!—to ensure Belgium's creative future. 

Ad of the Day: This Sappy Christmas Love Story Suddenly Veers Hilariously Off Course

Here's a very special love-at-first-sight Christmas campaign from Belgian cellular company Mobistar.

How This Agency Used Ad Blockers to Recruit the Kind of Creatives It Wanted to Hire

Generally speaking, a challenge that disrupts your business model is a chance to invent whole new ones. The Internet—and all the disruption-enabling goodies it's brought with it, like ad blocking—has proven no different ... though many brands and publishers are still trying to sort their Rubik's Cubes out.  But sometimes a different perspective is sufficient to bring you closer to solving the problem than others. In the case study below, Belgian ad agency Boondoggle explains how it used adblockers to recruit new employees.