This Foot-Care Brand Made the First Magazine You Read With Your Feet

What better way to sell foot-care products than with an entire magazine for and about feet?

There Are 4 Big Winners in Kraft’s Agency Consolidation

Some pretty good agencies are getting swept out in Kraft's move to consolidate creative responsibilities on its brands at four main roster shops.

Ad of the Day: This Nonprofit’s Empowering Takedown of Prejudice Hits All the Right Notes

You may remember Asta Philpot. Born with a physical disability called arthrogryposis, he became something of a folk hero in England (with help from a 2007 BBC documentary) by advocating for the sexual rights of people with disabilities—even if it means paying for sex.

Ad for Popped Wheat Thins Has the World’s Slowest Airborne Police Chase

Wheat Thins revisits the golden age of ballooning in this weird spot from New York agency Being for the cracker brand's new air-popped snacks.Why they went with cops trying to pull someone over, I have no idea; the concept doesn't really need them, and neither does the visual gag they're setting up (being outpaced by a slow-moving bird). But I suppose the randomness is part of the charm.I suppose Wheat Thins probably should be a controlled substance, though. They taste too good to not be drugs somehow.Credits below.

Kraft’s Zesty Guy Returns to Sell More Dressing by Undressing

Kraft is bringing back the Zesty Guy for a new series of print ads, despite (or more likely because of) the backlash the brand received last time around from conservative protest group One Million Moms. Zesty Guy, created by agency Being, played by model Anderson Davis and photographed by Douglas Friedman, will be shirtless and sometimes pantsless in ads for the Raspberry Vinaigrette, Classic Catalina, Thousand Island and Classic Ranch dressings. (Check them all out after the jump.) His obsessive need for salad dressings in bizarrely nonfood situations is still a bit odd, but the variety of costumes and settings makes up for it. Plus, he seems like he's having a good time. And to think, he might not have come back at all if the moms hadn't complained about his "g*nitals" the first time around.

Mr. Peanut, Motivational Speaker, Wants You to Respect the Nuts

Planters has reinvented Mr. Peanut yet again, this time as a motivational speaker—voiced by Bill Hader, no less—who seems strangely obsessed with the magical power of his nuts. Each video spot in the campaign from ad agency Being mentions the product's protein and essential nutrients (I guess sodium is a nutrient now) while also shelling out Tony Robbins cultspeak and a fair share of innuendo. ("I'm going to show you how to put it inside you," Mr. Peanut promises in one clip, while in another, a young woman describes her dream man as "a guy who has a torque wrench in one hand and a bag of nuts in the other." A few more hip thrusts, and he'd be infringing on Tom Cruise's "Respect the Cock" shtick from Magnolia.) While the ads are hit or miss, their balance of practical product information and pseudo-enlightened gibberish is really impressive. And I'm most impressed that no actual motivational speaker had a trademark on “Successtimonials." More clips after the jump.

The World’s Best Commercials, 2012-13

It was a long haul of judging for Sir John Hegarty, Joe Pytka and their jury teams at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity last week.Hegarty's Film Lions jury watched 3,125 commercials. Pytka's Film Craft Lions jury watched 2,029. In total, they awarded three Grand Prix, along with 21 Gold Lions, 38 Silver Lions and 70 Bronze Lions.

Kraft Salad Dressing Ad Gets Best Present Ever: A Slap From One Million Moms

Kraft's saucy ad campaign (via ad agency Being) for its Zesty Italian salad dressing launched in early April, but it's taken a rebuke from One Million Moms to give it a sudden enormous boost of visibility.

Paris Agency Introduces, a Porn Site Devoted to Charity (NSFW)

What if being bad could do some good? That's the question asked by, which describes itself as "the first user-generated, nonprofit pornography site devoted to funding charitable and ethically driven projects." The site is being unveiled with help from the Paris office of TBWA agency Being, which crafted an explicit 90-second short film, "The Lover," introducing Come4's first charitable initiative—helping to fund the Asta Philpot Foundation, which is committed to raising public awareness about the sexual rights of disabled people. (Philpot, an American living in Britain, advocates the right to an active sexual life for people with disabilities, even if it means paying for sex.) Check out the NSFW Web film below, followed by more from about its philosophy and goals.

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