White Castle Is NYC’s Cleanest Food Chain

When it comes to choosing fast food, cleanliness is a major factor.

The iPhone 5 May Have Just Made Mobile Coupons Real

Of the potential marketing-related features revealed on Wednesday with regards to the iPhone 5, it's the Passbook app should grab the attention of retail chains.

Jackson Hewitt Finds a New Lead Agency

Experience with financial services was naturally a factor in Jackson Hewitt's decision to hire 22squared as its new lead agency for its creative and media business. Just as important, however, was the shop's ability to cultivate brand fans on Facebook.

‘Ice Cream and Cake’ tests limits of sanity

Say what you will about this brain-drilling new ad for Baskin-Robbins, but you have to be impressed by its ability to mention “ice cream and cake” 16 times in a […]

New Baskin-Robbins ad a bit of a car wreck

Cliff Freeman and Partners scoops up (ha!) a tepid try at humor in this spot for Baskin-Robbins. During Dad's driving lesson, a teenage girl smacks into another car in the […]