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Inside Nicole Kidman’s New VR Film That Shows Off a Luxurious Etihad Airways Jet

Nicole Kidman stars in a new film, but you won't have to go to theaters to see it. The Academy Award-winning actress plays a version of herself in a five-minute short for Etihad Airways, titled "Reimagine." The film is a 360-degree, fully immersive virtual reality story that takes viewers along for the ride.

Barbarian Group Chairman Benjamin Palmer Leaves the Agency After 14 Years

Three months after New York's Barbarian Group parted ways with CEO Sophie Kelly, chairman Benjamin Palmer has left the agency he co-founded after 14 years.

The Barbarian Group Parts Ways With Its Chief Executive Officer

Sophie Kelly has left The Barbarian Group after serving as chief executive officer for two years.Korea-based holding company Cheil Worldwide, which bought a majority stake in the agency in 2009 and later acquired Durham, N.C.'s McKinney, will replace Kelly with its now-former chief digital officer, Peter Kim, effective immediately.

Crystal Pepsi Is Back and Serves as a Time Machine to the ’90s in This New Spot

Pepsi announced today that it will re-release its clear cola from the 1990s, Crystal Pepsi, for a limited time. The only way to get it is to sign up for a sweepstakes through the brand's loyalty program, Pepsi Pass, and 13,000 winners will score a complimentary six-pack of the transparent soda. 

5 Intriguing Takes on Advertising and Technology’s Relationship Status

The advertising and technology worlds have worked hand in hand since the early days of paper, evidenced by commercial messaging found in the ruins of Pompeii, as just one historical example.

Julian Assange: Refugee Reporters Are Winning the Information War

Julian Assange has a message for the countries he believes have tried to systematically squash the kind of national security reporting he has become known for: Your plan has backfired.

Google Plays in the Sandbox

When Google formed its Creative Council more than two years ago, its creative agency members told the search giant to lay off handing out awards.

Barbarian Group Encourages Random Smiling on the Internet

Designer Caelin Cacciatore was all smiles when she joined The Barbarian Group, thanks to an in-house effort called Project Popcorn that teams new hires with agency veterans for innovative projects. Her unbranded project, dubbed Two of Us, spreads good cheer on the Internet.

200 Years of Advertising in One Handy Infographic

Feel like reliving all of advertising's big milestones, including major agency launches, mergers, and acquisitions since the 1830s? Sure you do. Thankfully, Aquent has done the work for you.

Barbarian Group Hijacks NYC’s Speed Signs With Skeletons

New York City showed off its new skeletal speed-warning signs last week, part of the Department of Transportation's ongoing campaign to show that a pedestrian's odds of death are greatly reduced if the car that hits them is traveling below 30 miles per hour—the limit across much of the five boroughs.