Two Testicles React to Warmth, Cold and Wind on World’s Ballsiest Weather Billboard

One of the funniest ad campaigns of 2015—Australia's "The Boys" campaign for Bonds underwear, starring a pair of chatty testicles—returns in a big way for 2016 with a seven-story-high weather billboard in downtown Melbourne in which the lads react in real time to cold, warmth and wind.

Giant Balls Float Down the River Thames in British Lottery Stunt

If you thought the giant rubber duck that drifted down the River Thames last year was a ballsy advertising stunt, check out the 26-foot-high, inflatable, lighted Lotto balls the National Lottery floated last week. Those are big balls. Very big balls. Each is the size of a double-decker bus, we're told in a YouTube video immortalizing the event.