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Shazam Will Make Its Smartwatches Debut Later This Year

Shazam has designs on reaching a much broader audience through platforms beyond smartphones. The music-and-TV app later this year will include functionalities on smartwatches, the company revealed today at Mobile World Congress. 

Are These Ads Prejudiced Against Car Dealers?

Car buying is a delicate negotiation, but don’t call it haggling. found that out the hard way with a YouTube ad campaign that spoofed car salesmen with videos involving "haggling" copy, offending car dealers. has since removed the offending ads after dealers across the country threatened to pull their business from the car-shopping site.

Twitter Has Fun With Elon Musk’s ‘D’

Elon Musk’s model D car is the most unfortunately named product since the iPad reminded consumers of feminine hygiene. So when Musk promised to "unveil the D" last night, you could imagine the reaction on Twitt

Imagine: A Cologne for Your Car

March 21 was National Scent Day, and while it was a fine excuse for the fragrance industry to celebrate the $28 billion worth of perfumes it sells every year, the occasion also carried a whiff of what might be the latest aroma trend: scents for our cars to wear.

Social Strategies Differ for Auto Brands in Super Bowl

The difference between an earned-only strategy in social media versus paid-plus-earned can be like the difference between the Balt

Avis, Zipcar Deal Meets Marketing Challenges

For established corporate brands like Avis, buying a trendy “sharing economy” business like Zipcar is akin to gaining custody of an unruly child. Sharing companies build their brands on a connected cadre of loyal customers, and marketing to that vocal community has its challenges.

Toyota Pays $1.1 Billion to Settle Lawsuit

Toyota Motor Corp.