Infographic: What Auto Buyers Want From Connected Cars, Today and Tomorrow

Exclusive research from Autotrader shows that future car buyers don't want to sacrifice safety in the name of high tech. But they also desire the cool bells and whistles that come from connected wheels.

Time Inc.’s Digital Innovation Group Is Launching Its Next Big Vertical, ‘The Drive’

Time Inc. is betting big on digital-only brands.

The Verge Launches Transportation Section With Hopes of Attracting Car Brands

The next road taken for The Verge veers toward the auto industry. The Vox Media online publication unveiled Transportation, a section dedicated to all modes of travel, with launch partner Chrysler on Wednesday.

Are These Ads Prejudiced Against Car Dealers?

Car buying is a delicate negotiation, but don’t call it haggling. found that out the hard way with a YouTube ad campaign that spoofed car salesmen with videos involving "haggling" copy, offending car has since removed the offending ads after dealers across the country threatened to pull their business from the car-shopping site.

Google OKs Images on Sponsored Search Results

Google will allow advertisers to include images alongside sponsored search results, the company announced in a blog post on Wednesday.

Only 30 Percent of Brands’ Pinterest Engagement Come From Own Pins

Marketers may like steering the conversation around their brands, but Facebook and Twitter have upended that strategy. Now it seems Pinterest is putting the brand-driven approach away almost entirely.

Your Brand Here

Most of today’s racing fans are too young to remember the days when moonshiners souped up their Chevys and Fords to outrun the cops, their hot pursuits on the back roads giving birth to Nascar in 1948. But there is one thing that fans miss about the old days: Those Chevys and Fords actually looked like Chevys and Fords.

Perspective: Something Borrowed

You almost have to feel bad for car-rental companies. OK, wait—not in the fiscal sense. Enterprise Holdings (parent of the Alamo, Enterprise and National brands) did $2.2 billion in business for Q3 2012 (up 34 percent over last year) and posted profits of $171 million.

Microsoft Advertising Takes On Conversion Funnel

The conversion funnel has become a cliche in marketing circles. Worse than that, while it’s convenient shorthand for how to target consumers, it’s too simplistic, according to Natasha Hritzuk, global director of insights and analytics at Microsoft Advertising. In its stead, Hritzuk has concocted the Consumer Decision Journey.

Perspective: Rough Road Ahead

Historically, the marketers of performance-driven products have racked their brains to find ways of explaining their latest breakthroughs to the buying public. This tactic works great—until the specs get too tedious. Then it’s probably time to try a different tack. It’s hard to find better proof of that than the two ads here.