3 Things Kiss Taught Me About Marketing

When I was a kid, I straight-up loved Kiss. I was drawn to the makeup-wearing, leather-clad, blood-spitting, loud-playing band like a full-on groupie, buying every album and putting on face paint and singing my goddamn lungs out.

How Treating Consumers Like Partners Will Rescue Advertising From Itself

Unsubscribe is our favorite toggle in our inbox. Skip, our favorite prompt when viewing online videos. Block, our go-to option for internet browsing. Why? Because advertising's relationship with the consumer is fundamentally broken.

Why Big Digital Video and TV Networks Are Increasingly Becoming Production Partners

Television its dead—long live television. That could become the unofficial motto, or at least the crawl at the bottom of the screen, to explain the recent flurry of hookups between digital players like BuzzFeed, Vice and Mashable with old-guard media companies such as NBCUniversal, Disney and Turner Broadcasting.

How More Precise Data Science Will Be Advertising’s Ultimate Savior

For the past 25 years, advertising's share of total marketing spending has trended slowly downward. Until recently, that is.

4 Lessons Hollywood Can Teach Brands About Winning Big Audiences

For decades, marketing has been predicated on interrupting someone else's content. Now, as marketers continue to explore creating content that people want to watch for its own sake, there are many useful lessons to learn from Los Angeles' entertainment community.

The Programmatic Revolution Will Be Televised

Ad tech firm Turn is about to gauge TV’s appetite and capacity for programmatic ad buying. The Silicon Valley company is testing, with its agency partner SQ1, commercial placements using the same technology it uses to serve video ads onlin

Data Points: Ad Play

While football fans stock up on chicken wings and big-screen TVs in preparation for Super Bowl XLVII, marketers have their eye on the commercials that will play out on advertising's biggest arena of the year. The price of entry has soared more than 60 percent over the past decade, to $3.5 million for a 30-second spot, and is expected to increase even more this year.

Proving Web Targeting Actually Works

The online ad industry often touts its ability to eliminate the sort of waste that is common in traditional media through its ability to provide superior targeting. But in practice, the industry's targeting capabilities often leave a lot to desired.

Twitter Brings Interest Targeting to Promoted Tweets, Accounts

Twitter’s pitch to advertisers just got a whole lot more interesting. Marketers can now target Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts based on users’ interests.

Newsweek, Others Take Readership Hit

Newsweek's year on the block and leadership limbo wasn’t just bad for the weekly’s ad pages and circulation—its audience also took a hit.