Atlas Solutions

Google Cracks Down on Marketers’ Access to Data

Google is tightening its grip on advertising data, and some industry sources fear the policies could hamper their ability to market online.

Facebook’s New People-Based Ad Technology Is ‘Marketing Nirvana’

Facebook is finally sharing its deep knowledge of 1.3 billion users to power advertising across the Web in a way that marketers say is unprecedented, potentially enhancing their ability to target messages like never before. Facebook's improved Atlas ad server will be fully unwrapped this week, and one digital advertising CEO called it "marketing nirvana."

Facebook, Microsoft Execs Discuss Atlas Deal

Over the past few months, reports that Facebook would acquire the Atlas Solutions ad server from Microsoft has fuel

Facebook Announces Atlas Solutions Acquisition From Microsoft

Facebook's much-reported plan to acquire Microsoft's Atlas ad server is finally a go.

Reports: Facebook in Talks to Buy Atlas Solutions From Microsoft

The rise of an external Facebook ad network could be closer than ever.