Aston Martin

Why James Bond Still Drives an Aston Martin, Even If He’s Not Helping Sales

When Desmond Llewelyn (better known as "Q") displayed the Aston Martin DB5 to James Bond in 1964, he was unveiling a sports car version of the license to kill.

Maybach to Make Comeback—But How?

The latest performance feat from Mercedes-Benz is impressive indeed—a giant U-turn. After announcing in August of 2012 that it would discontinue the ultra-premium Maybach brand, Mercedes has reportedly decided to bring the car back.

Aston Martin Spec Spot Is Dreaming Its Life Away

Vrooom! This effects-powered spec ad for the Aston Martin AM V12 Vantage, by Gentleman Scholar, puts the mood in moody. It's called "Reverie," and it makes me want to slide behind the wheel 'round midnight, head out to the highway and … I dunno … ponder some shit, I guess.