Things Aren’t as Simple as They Seem in This Sweet Ad About a Kid’s Star Wars Helmet

When a kid wants to wear the same thing to school every day, there's always a reason. And that reason is rarely something easy to put into words.Is it comfort? Security? A desire to stand out—or hide in plain sight?You'll find these questions spinning through your head as you try to unravel this touching ad from Globe Telecom in the Philippines, where the brand officially partnered with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story for a campaign called #CreateCourage.The ad tells the story of a child going to school each day in a stormtrooper helmet, often escorted by a supportive older brother. But of course, I don't want to spoil the reveal, so give it a watch:

Singapore’s Tiger Beer Opened a Mysterious Store, Filled With Wonders, on Canal Street

Rice. Cheap goods. Pointy hats. Christmas decorations. Fortune cookies!Those are just a few of the stereotypes that pop into a Western mind when asked to think about Asia—and Asian products. To beat this stereotype, and demonstrate how diverse and innovative Asian countries really are, Singapore-based Tiger Beer partnered with Marcel Sydney to repurpose an old discount store, right in the middle of New York's Chinatown. 

This Motorcycle Helmet Detects Crashes and Instantly Reports the Rider’s Location

In Thailand, 80 percent of people killed in road accidents are riding motorcycles. Now, one agency hopes its new invention could literally mean the difference between life and death. The "Helpmet" was designed by BBDO Bangkok for the Thai Health Promotion Foundation (the same partnership that recently came up with the fat-reducing AbsorbPlate) to help address Thailand's staggeringly high rate of motorcycle fatalities—the second highest in the world. 

Chinese Version of The Force Awakens Poster Noticeably Downplays the Only Black Actor

Sure, there are a lot of different ways to splice together a Star Wars poster, but minimizing the movie's only black star seems an odd choice.Twitter user and producer Guy Lambert posted the following comparison after seeing Deadline's coverage of China's regional poster for Star Wars: The Force Awakens:

Singapore Retailer Apologizes for Writing ‘Rape Us Now’ on Black Friday Site

It should be obvious that no brand should consider posting anything resembling a rape joke, but that's what Singapore-based fashion brand SuperGurl did—and, of course, has since apologized for.The brand's shopping site featured a Black Friday sale button labeled "Rape Us Now," which apparently was a reference to how low the prices were.Given that the site's audience is almost entirely made up of young women, it didn't take long for some to take notice.

Here Are Some of the World’s Best Ads You Might Have Missed in 2015

Even if you feel bombarded by ads every day, you've probably missed quite a few of the better ones that never quite reached a global audience.

5 Reasons a Job in Asia Will Propel Your Creative Career Forward

As clients and agencies increasingly look overseas to Asia for growth opportunities, smaller and midsize outfits like kbs+ are setting up offices in China, Singapore an

5 Brilliantly Faked Viral Ads That People Still Keep Thinking Are Real

Sometimes even the smartest people you know can share something fake in social media, and correcting them is one of the few joys of being an ad geek. We've compiled some viral ads that have proven the test of time by fooling folks into clicking the share button for a surprising number of years the spots were debunked.Check out the stories and learn the agencies behind these durable bits of deception below: 

Global Brands Are Getting More Digital Ad Measurements

Interactive marketers working for global companies in parts of Asia can finally compare their work to colleagues in other regions in an apples-to-apples fashion.

This Ink Made From Smokers’ Lungs Increased Interest in Quitting by 500%

Here's one way to get a message to smokers: write it in ink made from their own diseased lungs.BBDO Proximity Thailand has produced a fascinating case study on its recent anti-smoking effort for the Thai Health Promotion Foundation.