Carnival enlists fun director who directs fun

As part of its new campaign from Arnold, Carnival Cruises has introduced a "fun director," though he doesn't seem like much fun to me. This dude's tightly wound and intense, […]

Safety spot doesn’t make Volvo feel so safe

[The spot's been pulled from YouTube. We'll repost when it's available.] There's nearly 60 seconds of crash-test footage in this Volvo spot by Arnold (set to the 1812 Overture?! Turn […]

Billy Mays wants to sell you some ESPN360

Arnold today launches a pleasingly goofy campaign for starring Billy Mays, the bearded infomercial guy usually seen shilling for OxiClean. See all four ads here. This genre's been parodied […]

Carnival letting towel animals do the talking

I had no idea that "towel animals" were such a big part of Carnival cruises until this week, when the company unveiled a new Web-video series (running now on […]

Ads straighten out teens who say ‘so gay’

A new campaign from the Ad Council and Arnold New York hopes to eradicate the popular phrase "that’s so gay" as an insult. Each TV spot features teens being lectured […]

Kids can’t resist the fried blobs of chicken

Normally I don’t like cutesy kids in ads. Nor am I that fond of chicken (unless it’s Moby’s ’70s psycho-pimp chicken—that bird’s battered ‘n fried, dig?). All that said, Arnold’s […]

Spirit Airlines brings the paradise on board

Dave: Oh my god! Stewardess! Judging by that sun-kissed, palm-draped scenery outside the windows of this airplane, we’re heading toward tropical climes. Looks like the Bahamas! But I have to […]

Jack Daniel’s also feeling the political spirit

I may have been a tad hasty in my earlier post on Captain Morgan’s options for a running mate. Perhaps Jack Daniel’s would be his best bet, though no candidate […]

It’s a chocolate world, man, can you dig?

What's with the sudden mania for trippy food ads? I was just coming down from that Friendly's commercial when Hershey blows my mind with it’s “Pure Hershey’s” campaign. How “pure” […]