Arnold Palmer

5 Sports Superstars Who Are Mega Marketers

After years of sitting on the sidelines, watching colleges cash in, athletes who graduate to the big leagues are eager to score lucrative partnerships and endorsement deals. Who better to look to […]

Kate Upton Adds Some Sex Appeal to Golf Digest

Golf isn’t exactly the sexiest of sports. And unlike certain other sports titles, Golf Digest isn’t known for attempting to spice up its guy-dominated subject with attractive female cover models.

Tiger Woods’ Road Back to Golf’s Spotlight

The No. 1-ranked golfer in the world, Tiger Woods failed to win his fifth green jacket this weekend at the Masters on Augusta National.

Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer Deliver a Kung-Fu Ass Kicking in EA’s New Golf Ad

Tiger Woods is a golf nerd, right? Right. But in fantasy video-game land, he destroys you and all your hoodlum friends, fake kung-fu style, because you're trying to steal his trophies. His charming geezer of a sidekick, Arnold Palmer, meanwhile, manages to seem much more badass, rocking his tournament hardware inside his blazer like he's fencing gold watches.

Perspective: I Gotta Wear Shades

The day that someone writes the definitive manual on how to be cool, there’ll have to be a chapter devoted to sunglasses. And while every brand from Ralph Lauren to Tiffany & Co. makes shades these days, all of them should be on bent knee to Ray-Ban. Never mind that the brand started out as basic, glare-reducing sunglasses for pilots.