After Spoofing SI’s Swimsuit Issue, FX’s Archer Wants You to Turn Off Your Cellphones in Theaters

FX has been making a lot of noise with its marketing campaign for Archer's upcoming Season 7, which has already spoofed the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and re-created Magnum P.I.'s opening credits. But now, the network's marketing team is quieting things down for the next phase of the campaign: a new PSA urging movie theater audiences to silence their cellphones.

FX and Sports Illustrated Feature ‘The Girls of Archer,’ Swimsuit Issue-Style

If this year's Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue feels a little more animated than usual, it's likely because of the characters from FX's Archer. As part of the marketing campaign for the hit animated comedy's upcoming seventh season, the network partnered with Sports Illustrated to feature faux swimsuit shots of its female characters in both the print issue and online.

How It Feels to Become the Face of a Generation’s Shrugging Indifference

Back around 2008, I posed for photographs for my friends who worked at a small animation company run out of a shack-like bungalow in East Atlanta.I stood in front of a white backdrop, like in a yearbook photo, and moved my face in 50 different ways in 10 different angles. It was fun, and then we all went out to lunch.

The Long, Strange, Impossible Journey That Brought Archer to Television

Really, the best way to get a gig that eventually lands you in the driver's seat of the funniest show on TV is to walk into Turner headquarters in Atlanta looking like a drunken vagrant. (Take note, aspiring showrunners.)

Archer Runs Revealing Banner Ads in Reddit’s Nude-Photo Forum

How do you market an animated comedy about a horndog spy? Duh—post ads on a NSFW Reddit forum, where tons of young horndogs in your target demographic are hanging out all the time anyway.

The 10 Most Epic TV Show Promos of 2013

It was a mixed bag for TV generally in 2013, but not a bad year for TV promos—in fact, some of the most inventive ads on the dial (or the […]

FX’s Archer Finally Goes Full Danger Zone in New Promo

Well, they finally went and did it.

The Five Best Brand Activations We’ve Seen at Comic-Con

There's expensive marketing, creative marketing, and then there's Comic-Con, where brands shoot the works on pricey stunts from free food to set recreations to lavish parties.

The Five Best Brand Activations We’ve Seen at Comic-Con

FX Shuffles Deck as It Prepares Spinoff Launch

As FX Networks prepares to launch a new standalone comedy channel, CEO John Landgraf has elevated three of his lieutenants to the rank of president.