Tech Brand’s First Ad Shows How Romantic You Can Get With Some Outlets and a Smartphone

Can something as dry as smartphone-controlled appliances ever come across as romantic? Gadget brand WeMo and Crispin Porter + Bogusky think so, and they've created a rather elaborate video to prove it."The Big Anniversary Rig" is WeMo's first consumer marketing push and features a house-spanning series of contraptions and romantic gestures celebrating a couple's first year together. Owned by manufacturer Belkin, probably best known for its network routers, WeMo makes outlet adapters that allow you to control or automate your home's electronics. It also partners with other brands to make slow cookers, coffeemakers and other devices with its technology built in.(By the way, the guy in this ad is indeed a terrible cook if his best dish is something called "beer-battered ribs." Pro tip, Dan: You don't fry ribs, especially in a Crock Pot.)After the jump, you can see some fake behind-the-scenes videos about "how Dan did it," including slightly more realistic details on his not-actually-battered rib recipe.Even if you're not a hopeless romantic who finds this level of branded affection adorable, you have to admit the concept is a good way to highlight quite a few ways to use the technology. If nothing else, most people would probably just like the idea of starting the coffee pot each morning while checking emails in bed.

This Brilliantly Designed Alarm Clock Wakes You by Brewing a Cup of Coffee

Tired of being awoken by talk radio or the dulcet default chimes of your smartphone? Maybe you'd like a nice cup of Ethiopia Yirgacheffe instead?The Barisieur is here to help. Or at least it will be when British designer Joshua Renouf gets it to market at an estimated price of £250 ($405 on our side of the pond).The device "eases the user into the day with the subtle movement of stainless steel ball bearings that boil the water through induction heating." Fancy!It's clearly a beautiful piece of functional decor, with a removable Corian tray, drawers for grounds and sugars, and even a cooled compartment for cream. Alas, my cat will likely have all of this on the floor by 2 a.m. on Day 1.Via Design Milk.

LG Asked for ‘Mom Confessions,’ and Moms Delivered

LG launched its #MomConfessions campaign earlier this year with a series of cynically amusing TV spots, and since then, real moms have started to get in on the confessional action.While the appliance brand and agency Hill Holliday seeded the campaign with their own Tumblr posts ("I go running to relieve stress. Just kidding, I drink margaritas."), there are plenty made from the keyboards of your next door neighbor or PTA president and submitted to of them are funny, some are actually from dads, and some are quite brilliant ("My child thinks the ice cream truck is a music truck. We dance as it goes by."). Of course, some left me making a face like I just had a bite of day old yogurt, know what I mean?Here are a few of the better ones, slowly transitioning to the rather sad:

Ad of the Day: Mom’s Inner Voice Is Funny, Dark and Full of Regrets in LG Campaign

Emotional isolation. A loveless marriage. The gnawing regrets of adulthood. Welcome to the surprisingly dark and awkwardly humorous "Mom Confessions" ad campaign for LG appliances.

Nest Invents a Smoke Detector You Won’t Ignore and Despise

Nest, the brand that reinvented the clunky old thermostat into something swank and intuitive, has just announced its new creation: a smoke detector that isn't super annoying.

It’s a Gas: Caloric Returns to Heat Up Appliance Segment

In the 1950s, the stylish homemaker’s best friend in the kitchen was her Caloric stove, whose many boasts included built-in clocks, electronic burner ignition and, best of all, a choice of bright pastel tones to match the linoleum.

Electrolux spot not lacking in crazy imagery

Swedish shop Lowe Brindfors crams lots of activity and imagery into this 60-second spot for Electrolux appliances. We've got, among other things, animated rainstorms and tidal waves, a locomotive traversing […]

Dyson perfects art of teaser for new product

Never underestimate the power of a good, simple teaser. Dyson, maker of bagless vacuum cleaners and nifty hand dryers, ignited a ton of online buzz Monday, ahead of a product […]