Apple Newsstand

Everything Marketers Need to Know About Apple Music and New Mobile Software

At its Worldwide Developers Conference today, Apple launched its new Music service and new mobile software that takes on its top rival Google. But marketers interested in tapping Apple's potential treasure trove of music-related and mobile data should hold off on celebrating.

IMonitor Report Ranks Best Print Apps of 2012

Producing a high-quality print app is tricky. It has to have enough interactivity to hook a reader, but not so much that it overwhelms them. It needs compelling information, attractive design, and enhanced ads. And most importantly, it has to work.

Time Inc. Titles Finally Available on Apple Newsstand

Time Inc., the last major publisher missing from the Apple Newsstand, has finally given into the tech giant. Today, the No. 1 U.S. publisher announced that monthly and annual digital subscriptions—as well as single-copy sales—for all 20 of its consumer titles are now available through the Newsstand in U.S. and select international markets.

Funny or Die Jumps into Tablet Content with ‘The Occasional’

Once upon a time, magazine stories debuted in print form before being thrown on the web for the masses to read. But recently, websites like have been taking the unusual move of reverse-publishing their content—turning an online entity into a print magazine. 

With Newsstand, Apple Finally Does Publishers a Favor

Thanks to Apple's Newsstand, sales of magazines' tablet editions have been soaring. Now comes the real test: Can publishers turn those editions into viable ad vehicles?

Apple’s Newsstand Boosting Mag Sales, but Will It Last?

Finally, publishers have a reason to cheer Apple. In the 10 days since Apple launched its Newsstand for the iPad and iPhone, many are reporting big spikes in sales of their digital editions. Ease of discovery is a big reason for the sales increase; titles are now collected in one place rather than being scattered all over the iTunes store as they were in the past.