Whisper Is Growing Its Audience and Ad Business, but Challenges Loom

While some anonymous social media apps are known for their bullying, Whisper wants to be known for being a safe, welcoming space as it seeks to bring advertisers on board.

Ford’s VR App Lets You Experience Life as a Race Car Driver

Virtual reality makes a lot of sense for auto brands—after all, what better way to show off your car's features than to put consumers in the virtual driver's seat?

GrubHub’s New App Turns Food-Related Texts Into Emojis

             GrubHub tries to chat with millennials through emojis. GIF: Yuliya Kim; Source: GrubHub

This New App Will Prevent Your Little Houdini From Escaping

If you're a parent with small kids, chances are you use a car seat and probably think you know all there is to know about keeping the little ones safely strapped in. But have you heard of Little Houdini? No? Then keep reading.

Here’s How Yahoo’s New Messaging App Silently Combines Texting and Video

Yahoo just released a messaging app, Livetext, which lets people chat on their phones while viewing each other on video. Here's the kicker: The video app doesn't offer sound.

Infographic: How Periscope and Meerkat Stack Up Against Established Social Apps

Thousands of people are estimated to have watched Floyd Mayweather defeat Manny Pacquiao via live-streaming Twitter app Periscope and rival Meerkat. The buzz was so great that Twitter CEO Dick Costolo declared Periscope "the winner" of the so-called "Fight of the Century."

Victoria’s Secret and Sephora Are Already Using Instagram’s New App

Instagram is providing a way to share photo collages with a companion app called Layout, which—even though it was just launched today—is already getting employed in interesting ways by brands like Victoria's Secret and Sephora as well as numerous consumers.

Trojan Turns Sex Education Into a Cards Against Humanity-Style Game

Spring break is in full force for America's college students, and Trojan has a new mobile app designed to turn awkward sex talks into a fun game.

A Robot Butler and Martha Stewart Are Proof That Not Every Marketing Stunt Goes Viral

Robot butlers just didn't quite catch on this week, even after one took a picture with Martha Stewart. It's a dream concept, and it seems ripe for a social explosion—a humanoid robot that can serve your home and discover your "deepest, darkest fears," according to the manufacturer, which constructed an elaborate digital campaign for the service droid.

Ebola’s Spread Is Being Tracked by Mobile Media

The first confirmed death of an Ebola patient in Texas has prompted some health organizations to turn to the power of mobile media to help contain the virus at its source.