AOL Networks

AOL’s Ad Comeback Continues

AOL’s booming video ads business helped the company overcome some of the drag from its ongoing Patch issues in the third quarter. Overall, the company announced today a 14 percent year-over-year jump in ad revenue to $386 million in the third quarter.

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Three Things You Need to Know About Programmatic Advertising

AOL's Bob Lord is in favour of free beer and easy lives for CMOs

Razorfish’s Lord Takes Top Job at AOL Networks

Bob Lord may be leaving Publicis Groupe's Razorfish to run AOL Networks but, given a new partnership between Publicis Groupe and AOL, his ties to his former employer will remain strong.

AOL Loses Ad Tech Head Ned Brody in Portal Tug of War

AOL has lost the leader of its business’s biggest bright spot. The company confirmed on Thursday that Ned Brody, who ran AOL’s ad tech arm AOL Networks, has resigned.

AOL Rolls Out Its Supply-Side Platform

Google and Adobe have garnered their share of attention as they assemble their end-to-end advertising technology stacks to span the buying and selling of online ad inventory.