Luxury Brands Are Still Casting a Leery Eye Toward Social Media

While scores of marketers practically bear-hugged Facebook and Twitter when they first launched, seeing these social platforms as an opportunity to reach the masses, luxury brands stayed mostly out of sight, preferring to remain niche and elite. But as social becomes a key component in marketing, some luxury brands are beginning to play catch up.

Can Whisper Be the Platform for Social Whistle-Blowing?

Specs Who Neetzan Zimmerman Age 32

Before Twitter, Jack Dorsey Wasn’t So Big on Capitalism

Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s co-founder, is about to make a fortune, but there was a time he wanted nothing to do with the almighty dollar.

Agencies Start to Get Really Anti-Social

Just a few years ago, legions of businesses practically tattooed themselves with the label “social media agency” so they could ink deals with brand clients looking to get on Facebook. But as the marketing landscape shifts toward cross-digital solutions and demands for big data, the term is beginning to be seen as too limiting by some.

Little poking in marketing executive suites

By Brian Morrissey Twitter and Facebook have been mentioned in more seminars at Cannes than not. Twitter co-founder Biz Stone had a prime speaking slot, and Facebook’s top sales exec, […]