Annual Reports

Warby Parker’s Latest Annual-Report Infographic Is a Sight for Sore Eyes

For most companies, annual reports are a throwaway bit of year-end drudgery. But online eyewear retailer Warby Parker continues to make it an art form. We loved the site's 2011 annual report, and the 2012 retrospective is even more quirky and charming.

Solar Company’s Annual Report Is Visible Only in Sunlight

Annual reports—traditionally soul-crushing visual creations—are suddenly getting creative. First, we had the eyewear maker that packaged its annual report as an eye-catching infographic. Now, we have a stunning annual report from the Austria Solar trade association—whose text and graphics are invisible until revealed by sunlight.

Eyewear Maker Packages Annual Report as Fun Infographic

Hey, want to read an eyewear store's annual report? Actually, yes, you do.