Animal Practice

No Love Lost for New NBC Dating Show

With just six weeks to go before the 2012-13 broadcast season comes to a shuddering halt, one of the last remaining premieres has exploded on the launch pad.

Oh, Brother: Fox Cancels Ben and Kate

Fox is revising its two-hour Tuesday night comedy block, halting production on the freshman effort Ben and Kate just days after pulling the show from its winter schedule.

Vote of Confidence: CBS Gives Full-Season Orders to Vegas, Elementary

CBS has gone all-in on its two surviving freshman dramas, giving back-nine orders to Vegas and Elementary.

Nashville Hits a Sour Note in Week 2

A week after hitting all the high notes in its network television debut, ABC’s country music drama Nashville is singing a slower, sadder tune.

NBC Puts Animal Practice to Sleep

NBC has euthanized Animal Practice.

Strong Debuts for ABC’s Nashville, the CW’s Arrow

ABC got a much-needed shot in the arm last night as the premiere of its highly touted drama series Nashville delivered solid ratings.

Fuhgeddaboudit: CBS Cancels Made in Jersey

CBS announced today that it has pulled the plug on its Friday night legal drama Made In Jersey, making it the first casualty of the fall TV season.

ABC Wins Hump Day Comedy Showdown

Viewers didn’t exactly roll out the welcome wagon for ABC’s The Neighbors, as the absurdist aliens-among-us comedy was given the cold shoulder in its time-period premiere.

Networks Lay Rotten Eggs

In an inversion of the old proverb that advises against counting one’s chickens before they’re hatched, broadcasters appear to have an awful lot of dead pullets on their hands.

Tears of a Clown: Wednesday Night’s Comedies Flop on NBC

Broadcasters last night took the wraps off of three new comedy series, but if the preliminary ratings are anything to go by, viewers were more inclined to mutter “huh?” or “meh” than issue a full-throated “ha ha ha.”