GoDaddy girl is not going to Disney World

Night owls were “treated” last evening to a Tonight Show appearance by Candice Michelle, the “actress” fresh off her lame appearance during the Super Bowl. Aside from seeing fellow […]

Evangelista tries reinventing himself as a reality show judge

Could Ed Evangelista be the next Simon Cowell? The JWT ecd will be one of four judges looking for the best new invention in the country on American Inventor, an […]

Spare the Spam, spoil the child

OK, so they’re not shoving dead animals in their mouths or drinking beetle-laced Gatorade, but the demonic tots from 50s ads showcased here are wolfing down some questionable cuisine. Just […]

Strike two for Apple ads?

In case you haven’t seen this yet: It seemed like a Lugz-caliber scandal was brewing when someone posted a Postal Service video of “Such Great Heights” (right) and Apple’s latest […]

Paying for your fun on New Year’s

Planning on ringing in the New Year in style? It will cost you—or the average American, at least—around $172, according to a new survey. The “Shopping in America Holiday 2005” […]

When it comes to Xmas, don’t toy around

Ah Christmas: the warmth, the merriment, the spending time with family, the … cutthroat rush to get this year’s must-have toy. Ever since Tickle Me Elmo, and probably before (remember […]

Mascots gone wild on NBC

The Today show hosted a “Mascot Challenge” this morning (we’re just getting around to being outraged now) that seemed to mainly serve the purpose of mentioning Capital One a lot. […]

Steve Madden: Big-headed no more

Those offended by the long-running Steve Madden campaign featuring digitally manipulated models with giant eyes and larger heads take note: the models are no more, and the company is trumpeting […]

How a virus—a good one—spreads

At a panel discussion this morning cosponsored by Contagious magazine and the Clio Awards (disclosure: Clio is a distant relative of AdFreak), JWT co-president and chief creative officer Ty Montague […]

Too many movie tie-ins to a Geisha

When a Star Wars movie comes out and Burger King slaps blow-up Darth Vaders on its rooftops, that makes sense to me. Teens want to watch such a movie and […]