Amy Poehler

Could Amy Poehler Revive Leslie Knope to Celebrate Hillary Clinton’s Nomination?

This week, as Democrats made history by making Hillary Clinton the first female president nominee of a major party, many on social media were thinking wistfully about another famous, albeit fictional, female politician: Leslie Knope.

In Just 9 Months, Comedy Central Reshaped Late Night and Kept Advertisers Happy

Not so long ago, Comedy Central's late-night lineup consisted of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report. What a difference a year makes.

Why Some Low-Rated TV Shows Keep Getting Renewed

Judgment day has arrived.

Parks and Rec Made a Bunch of Fake Ads for Last Night’s Show, and They Were Great

NBC's Parks and Recreation will soon come to an end, and the writers of the heartwarming, droll comedy have been knocking it out of the ... well, park. The first of last night's two episodes featured Chris Pratt's character Andy Dwyer saying goodbye to his kids' program, Johnny Karate's Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show. By using the bottle episode format, we got a glimpse at what fictional Indiana town Pawnee's advertising might look like. 

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Explain Their Hosting Strategy for Sunday’s Golden Globes

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler lay out their hosting strategies for this year's Golden Globes in this blooper-reel-style NBC video that leans rather heavily on the ladies' charm (and some well-timed edits), rather than the strength of their material. For example: Tina's "I'm not gonna dope" line, which would fall flat without the quick cut. Or Amy's joke about Hollywood Foreign Press members being ghosts, which sounds like a rejected Anchorman line, though her bright-faced delivery makes it work. (We'll ignore the Banksy thing altogether.)

The Guy Who Hired Amy Poehler to Make Content ‘Snackable’

Setting aside the recent controversy about charging higher prices for plus-size women's jeans, Old Navy has been getting its share of good press lately.

Amy Poehler’s Newest Job for Old Navy? World’s Worst Spelling Bee Moderator

Amy Poehler goes to the top of the class in her latest Old Navy commercial, in which the Parks and Recreation actress moderates a spelling bee.

USA Announces New Projects With Amy Poehler, Jodie Foster, Carlton Cuse

Anybody who thought USA was kidding about getting into comedy programming is thinking again today: the network's upfront-season slate has a robust comedy development piece.

Amy Poehler Goes From Lawyer to Fast-Food Worker in Old Navy Campaign

Amy Poehler is back to grilling strangers about their Old Navy outfits. Last month, she played a high-powered lawyer questioning a job applicant about her checkered pants. Here, she plays a server at a fast-food burrito joint, pressing a customer about a red dress. It's not easy to dissociate Old Navy's Poehler from her intense part as Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation, but still fun to see the rapid-fire style translated to roles outside of a small-town middle-America bureaucracy. Like the law firm ad, the outtakes for the fast-food commercial include some added gems—including the evergreen gift of watching a usually deadpan comic lose it and crack up midtake. That's assuming viewers don't run out to buy clothes before the video's done. Agency: Chandelier Creative.

Golden Globes Rule Sunday Night

NBC on Sunday posted a 10-year high with its presentation of the 71st Golden Globe Awards, and if the half-hour ratings are anything to go by, the night’s most compelling stars were returning hosts Tina Fey and Amy P