James Corden Sings for Sainsbury’s in the Chain’s Sweet Stop-Motion Christmas Ad

Last week, in the ongoing Super Bowl of U.K. Christmas ads, Sainsbury's released "The Greatest Gift." This sweet stop-motion animation story is about Dave, a working cog who just wants to be home for the holidays. Created by AMV BBDO, the West End-style musical film is set to "The Greatest Gift for Christmas Is Me," sung by James Corden and composed by Flight of the Conchords' Bret McKenzie. Conchords fans won't be disappointed by the lyrics, which, while being slyly funny, convey truths that resonate with most adults, especially this time of year. 

British PSA Urging Cyclists to Avoid Turning Trucks Draws Fire From Riders

A road safety ad by AMV BBDO is sparking cries of victim-blaming in the U.K. for warning cyclists to hang back from trucks that are making left turns—the driver's blind side on that country's roads.

Martini Made a ‘Smart Cube’ That Tells the Bartender When You Need Another Drink

A packed bar is a lot like the prom. You look forward to having this epic night, but most of it is spent waiting in line for one thing or another. It's a problem tailor-made for brand-hacking. With help from AMV BBDO, Italian alcohol brand Martini has created the Smart Cube, a piece of connected "ice" that tips the server off, via Bluetooth, when your glass hits slurping point. 

A British Candy Brand Will Air This Funny Ad Entirely in Sign Language With No Subtitles

Channel 4 in Britain recently made one of the greatest ads ever about disability with "We're the Superhumans." The spot, timed to the 2016 Paralympic Games, was a follow-up to 2012's "Meet the Superhumans" but went well beyond the original to create its own brilliant, freewheeling world of fun.But it didn't end there. Channel 4 also dreamed up a companion contest called "Superhumans Wanted," which challenged U.K. brands to develop a bold, creative campaign with disability and diversity at its core.The winner has just been announced, and it's pretty great—though quite different than the larger-than-life "Superhumans" spots. It's a campaign for candy brand Maltesers, and the ads, by AMV BBDO, feature disabled actors telling amusing stories of awkward everyday situations that involved their disability in some way.

This Badass Bodyform Ad Elevates Menstruating Women to Modern Amazonian Warriors

The past couple of years have given us numerous disruptive examples of advertising in the feminine care space, including comical ones from HelloFlo and the award-winning inspirational video from Always. Bodyform joins the fray with its latest spot, and it's pretty badass.

BBDO Is Sending 7 Employees on a Study Abroad-Inspired Exchange Program

BBDO has a new plan to attract some of the best industry talent, retain some of its highest performers and, in the long run, benefit its clients by sending seven employees on a 13-week study abroad-inspired exchange program. 

This Ad Campaign Is Targeting People Who Hate Themselves for Making Ad Campaigns

This morning, on the way to work, the employees of a few major United Kingdom-based ad agencies came across a message meant just for them.Just in time for International Day of Action Against Advertising on Friday, artist network Brandalism's gone guerrilla again: It's erected posters in bus shelters just outside Ogilvy, JWT, AMV BBDO and TBWA Manchester, with the images referencing ad classics."Work for TBWA?" one reads. "You're shaping desire. You've got power and a moral responsibility. We'd love to talk to you." The ads drive people to Switch Sides, a Brandalism subsite."We speak with people who work in corporate advertising all the time," the site says. "Many are close friends, and express regular existential doubts about the work they do. Huge industries of artistic labour, and multi-million pound budgets—all in the pursuit of... what? Another leather sofa? The latest airline deal to Rome? Your creativity could mean so much more."

Mog the Cat of Children’s Book Fame Gets a Chaotic Christmas Revival From Sainsbury’s

Each year, British grocer Sainsbury's creates one of the season's most anticipated Christmas ads, and this year's features the return of a beloved children's character.Mog the Cat was the star of 16 books by writer and illustrator Judith Kerr, who began the series with Mog the Forgetful Cat in 1970 and ended it with Mog's death in 2002's Goodbye Mog.Now the celebrated cat is back to cause more mischief, this time nearly ruining Christmas with her clumsy shenanigans in a spot from agency AMV BBDO:

Jeff Goldblum Shows You Exactly How to Act When You Get a Crappy Christmas Gift

Some of us have better poker faces than others when it comes to reacting to disappointing holiday gifts. The Brits, despite their stiff-upper-lip reputation, appear to need some help in this department, too.Jeff Goldblum to the rescue!

Britain Recruits Locals in Amusing Effort to Encourage Safer Driving in the Countryside

Think!, the long-running safe-driving campaign from Britain's Department for Transport, has created some of the world's most creepy, shocking and gruesome PSAs. (Remember this dead kid? Thought so.) But now, with help from AMV BBDO, the campaign is getting more lighthearted—with some special out-of-home executions in the countryside.